Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thursday 5th March

The date is the only thing I am sure about today!!!

With a little nudge from Louise from Crafts by Louly, I have decided to give blogging a go (nothing ventured, nothing gained eh!). The main reason is I suppose, to show all the lovely people who's blogs I have been lurking on that I am interested in what they do and that I am keen to try new things myself (not always successfully though).
Inspire me Challenge! from Dottie's World.

When I first saw the cakes in the photo my thoughts were Wow! I bet I could eat all of those.Mmmm...

However, when I started working on my card here is what I came up with! Some underlying reason for the cake stand to be tilting with the weight of the cake. I think a diet is on the cards for me, Lol.
Anyway thanks for stopping by and hopefully we can meet up again later.
Kim x


  1. Ooooh Kim - that looks good enough to eat. I love the way you've interpreted the challenge - just perfect!!
    Juliet xx

  2. Oh Kim I'm dancing around the room!!!!I'm so chuffed that you took the plunge.You'll soon get right into it and wonder what you ever did before you had a blog.♥♥♥
    Beautiful card by the way.xx

  3. Oh Kim, love the card,perfect for the challenge! Welcome to the land of Blog!!

    love Dingle.xx

  4. I'm pleased you listened to Lou! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cards. The challenges on Dottie's World are so much fun...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do... I love this card!

  5. Love the card

    Beautiful and very clever!


  6. A fantastic card, love the fact teh cake stand is tilting! welcome to blogland x

  7. Oh I love the cake stand! What a neat idea! I'm glad you were persuaded to set up a blog, I'm sure you won't regret it. katxx