Monday, 13 July 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different..


well I bet you are all wondering what this is all about...

Over the weekend I have been trying out something new, encaustic painting.

If this is new to you it's painting with hot waxes, either using a hot plate and pots of different coloured waxes or as I have been attempting using a mini iron to spread the wax over your canvas/card.

After googling to find out more, I bought some kit on ebay and here is what I did with it.

This piece was done following a tutorial from the website. I feel abit like Rolf Harris here... Can you tell what it is yet?

It's a simple landscape, with a dodgy bird flying above (havn't got the hang of birds yet) lol.

After having a good play I wondered what they might look like in a frame. So...

This morning I got my DH to drop this landscape into one to see the effect. I just used plain white card cut on robo for the frame and a piece of K&Co paper behind that, I must say I am quite pleased with the look of it.

BTW as usual the cock-eyed photo was taken by me... Sorry about that.


Take care

Kim x


  1. Wow Kim, I love these, I have always fancied having a go but never taken the plunge! These are awesome I am really impressed with what you have done, cant wait to see some more. xx

  2. Hi Kim
    Absolutely stunning - can't believe these are your first attempts! Well done!
    Sylvia x